Apprenticeship Overview

An Apprenticeship Program


Apprenticeship is career education combining extensive on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. An apprenticeship usually lasts four years. During this time, the apprentice works under the supervision and guidance of a skilled craftsperson.


Each apprentice is required to attend classroom training where he or she learns the theory and technical aspect of the construction trade. Classes are held two nights each week for 2.5 hours each night.  Use of tools, safety, job terminology, codes, etc. are included in the classroom training.  Apprentices learn how and why something is done.


Apprentices are full-time employees and earn a wage while in training. An apprentice’s pay generally starts at about 50 percent of the experienced craftsperson and increases throughout the apprenticeship.

ABC San Diego wants to help you plan and realize your goals. Apprenticeship training gives construction workers a considerable advantage over those trained by informal means. Advantages include:

  • Qualification for a Higher Level of Pay
  • Certification of skills from the State of California, Division of Apprenticeship Standards, and U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship.
  • Earn college degree credits through San Diego City College (San Diego Community College District).
  • Family medical/dental insurance benefits.
  • Exposure to the latest technology and building codes.
  • Life-long job mobility through a nationally recognized certification program of your skills.Job satisfaction: it is rewarding to see your skills in a finished structure and to be part of a construction team.
  • Job security: skilled construction workers are in high demand.
  • Low stress: specific job requirements produce less mental stress.
  • Physical exercise: maintains a healthy body.                                                                                                               Apply Now Online >>
  • Hours of employment: weekends and evenings are usually free for recreation.
  • Income: unlimited earning power in an unlimited construction career path.
  • Portability: skills that you can take anywhere and find work.